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Service dogs change the lives of their handlers in many ways.  They are the source of a type of healing that can’t be bottled or measured yet in many cases is immensely more effective than conventional methods.

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Future service dogs from Chilbrook Kennels

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Working dogs from Chilbrook Kennels

Have you ever heard someone say, "It's just a dog?" They obviously don't know how smart dogs are or what they can do when given the right tool for the job! Service dogs guide the blind throughout their daily lives, they alert the deaf to sounds like a smoke detector or an oncoming vehicle, they help stabilize those with balance difficulty and they bring their handlers with PTSD out of a flashback.


With the K9 Caller a dog can activate an inserted medical panic button or a smart button. This means the dog can make a phone call, turn lights on or off using, contact a monitored service to send first responders and more.



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